Would you do it in person?

Hey everybody! What’s up? The other day I was sitting in my bed while my older sister came into the room. I was trying to watch youtube and I was asking her to leave but she wouldn’t. After five minutes of trying to get her to move, I threatened to text her “some-what boyfriend” (they aren’t really dating but they do have a thing, or did.) and she just immediately left the room.

My sister doesn’t have many friends, she is just very secluded just like me and the friends she did have, were never really “good” friends. They would always leave her out of things and talk about her behind her back, so she stopped hanging out with them, but those were really the only friends she has ever had.

Then as the school year progressed she got into technical theater and was designing sets, and that is where she met this boy, they texted every night, they went to prom together, my sister was happy. But what I learned the other night is that he got mad at her over nothing and just was completely rude.

This had me thinking, would he have done this in person? Would he have yelled at her like a complete idiot to her face? Same with the girls, would they talk about her the way they did behind her back to her face?

I guess the main point of this blog post is think before you speak. You have no idea how much damage you could do to a person.

If any of you guys had an experience like this, please let me know in the comments below. I really want to hear how you guys handled it and what happened.

someone, somewhere, online. xx


13 thoughts on “Would you do it in person?

  1. Well yeah it did! People started to make fun of me and talk behind my back just because I was a close friend with a boy. He ignored me so bad that when I left the school he didn’t even say bye. I got really crushed cause we were really good friends.

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    1. I am so sorry to hear that. That is horrible! It shouldn’t matter if you are close friends with a boy or not, he is your friend and that’s all that should matter! I hope you are doing better now though! email me if you need anything!

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  2. Hi someone online,
    it was really kind of you to leave a really lovely comment on my log, thank you xox
    Your blog is really good and i love reading it!
    Keep up the good work
    From OnlineGirl x

    P.s ; your the only person i have told but i took the name online girl form zoellas book and just turned it around to online girl xx

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  3. i totally agree with you people hide behind the’re usernames and screens and hate on people when in real life some of them wont even dare to hate on someone in there face.

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  4. Yes, another very true post! A lot of the people in my grade say stuff over texting and instagram and stuff that I doubt they would do or say in real life. Or act like someone different. It disgusts me, frankly.

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