Nerd alert

Hey everybody! What’s up?

The other day I was in my room, you know, doing what I usually do, and then it dawned on me, my life is a wreck.

Since it’s summer and I am not too fond of hanging out with people I will watch youtube mostly. If I am going to be completely honest with you guys I am subscribed to wayyyy to many people then any normal person should be subscribed to. The people I have been loving watching are mostly gamers because I am obsessed with gaming.

My Favorite Youtube Gamers

  1. LDShadowLady
  2. SmallishBeans
  3. TheOrionSound
  4. SeaPeeKay
  5. Yammy_xox
  6. Smajor1995
  7. JackSepticEye
  8. Markiplier

Do any of you guys watch any youtube gamers? If so, tell me who you watch!

The other things that I have been doing in my hobbit hole that I call a room is that I have been playing tons of minecraft, and I mean TONS.

I created a world in survival and it is just super fun to play especially on multiplayer with my sister or Kobe. Or if you play the Hunger Games server, it’s just great to be honest. (gosh I am a complete nerd.)

The other game I have been currently playing a lot, is Town of Salem. It’s addicting I promise you and is completely worth playing.

Do you guys play any games? What games do you guys play! Leave them in the comments below so I can play them too and maybe we could play together πŸ™‚

someone, somewhere, online. xx

p.s. I want to thank everyone who joined “World of Awkward Bloggers” it has been so fun already and from experience I can tell you guys it’s an easy way to make great friends. join!!


36 thoughts on “Nerd alert

  1. great post! i don’t normally watch any gamers and i don’t play any games really but i know that i can relate when it comes to sitting all day on youtube and the internet (and reeding blog posts)

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  2. AYYYYY nerds unite! *high five* I don’t usually watch gamers; occasionally my brother will watch some Minecrafter and I’ll watch with him (usually PrestonPlayz or CaptainSparklez)
    AND WHAT MINECRAFT IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you play pc or pe?

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      1. NERDS UNITE
        Yeah, PC is actually pretty fun, you can join servers faster and it has a lot more stuff. My brother’s been trying to teach me the controls, but he gets pissed at me because I don’t know which ones do which πŸ˜“…

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  3. Hey, I decided to visit your blog after noticing you followed me on instagram and read this post- its made me feel so much better that other people also have the same problem in being distracted by youtube and other social media for longer than I suspect our parents would like! As soon as I finished reading this, you inspired me to organize a day out with my friends rather than sitting at my laptop watching videos…
    I’ve also just started my own blog and would really appreciate it if you have a spare moment if you could visit it and give me some feedback! Thankyou, hopefully talk to you again soon x

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    1. this is so sweet! thank you so much for this comment and I am positive to check out your blog! I am so happy I inspired you to get outside with your friends and I think maybe I will do the same! so thank YOU for inspiring me❀️


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