You inspire me

Hey everybody! What’s up?

Whenever I am watching youtube, or reading a blog post of someone else’s I always feel inspired, whether if it’s with clothing, or starting my own youtube channel, I always want to be exactly like that person. I want to have their lifestyle.

My personal inspiration is LDShadowLady, or also known as Lizzie. She is a youtube gamer and in my opinion lives a perfect life with her boyfriend Smallishbeans, or Joel. Her and Joel live together in their own house and play video games for a living. (I want to do that!!)

Lizzie always looks super pretty, with her pink hair and her stylish clothes, or even when she is just at her house in her sweatpants. But how she looks isn’t really why she is my inspiration though. It’s more of her personality.

Lizzie has that type of personality that makes everyone want to be her friend. The way she will acknowledge everyone who comes up to her at Vidcon in her vlogs and the way that she is down to earth to everyone, it makes it feel like even though I haven’t met her, she is already one of my best friends.

Another thing that I admire about Lizzie is her entire friend group. It seems like they always get along, they are all just really good friends. They go out and do things together (like Pokemon hunting) and they always look like they have a fun time. (Joel, Oli, Seapeekay, Yammy, Scott, and many more)

But most of all, you inspire me. You ALL inspire me. You’re the reason I am still blogging, the reason I have gotten where I am (which isn’t very far considering I have more Instagram followers on an account that I don’t even use anymore..) BUT STILL I love you guys more than you can imagine.

What about you? Who is your inspiration? Tell me about them in the comments below 🙂

someone, somewhere, online. xx

p.s. thank you all so much for 30 followers already! it’s amazing 🙂

p.p.s. I have an extremely good idea, but for me to share it with you we will need a ton more of you guys! So please tell your friends about my blog so I can share my idea with you guys, I know you’ll all love it as well!!!


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