Never good enough

Hey everybody. What’s up?

*warning* this is not a happy post, so if you are in a happy mood I suggest you don’t keep reading. 

When I first started a blog, about 8 months ago? (including my other one on weebly) I told myself I would be completely  honest, and that’s what I want to do.

I’ve never had the best life, my parents fought quite often, my sisters and parents got into fights, and even I fought, whether it was with my mom or my sister. My favorite dog passed away when I was only 7 years old and I used to be different from other kids, never really talking or hanging out.

When I was younger, the main thing I imagined having was the perfect life, but it was never what I got. 

There was always some good memories, like going fishing with my dad, playing spa with my siblings, or walking my dog. Playing outside with the neighbors until 11:00 at night and Just Dance with Kobe. 

There were always some bad ones as well, like my mom running away from home sometimes when the fighting got too bad and my sister moving away.

I always thought of myself as my dads least favorite child. I was always the one to get blamed for things that went wrong, and I always happened to do something bad on the best days of the year, like Christmas, The 4th of July, and even my birthday. Those days always seemed the worst in my opinion. 

I’ve tried to have things in common with my dad, but I always mess up somehow and I never feel good enough. 

I’m sorry for not being my usual happy self, but I promise that I will be back to regular posting as soon as possible! 

Thank you all so much for reading all this, and I appreciate all of you 🙂

someone, somewhere, online. xx


14 thoughts on “Never good enough

  1. maybe your problem is that you try too hard remember they are your family they are the ones that you should depend on not try to impress, if you are going to try to do something try to get your family together not make them love because i’m sure they do and i’m here for you. xxxx

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  2. ❤ I hope you know that you, and in anything you do – you, have the power to be amazing, in anything, and that nothing is dependent on your upbringing and how people have treated you; but more rather how you come back from that. I'm not sure if you're still feeling this way about your family but I hope that you can forgive them – I know that family is always forgiving, and if not I guess you can see from this post, and the comments, there are so many people that care for you, and your well being, without even knowing your name! 🙂 for all I know we could be on completely opposite sides of the world, or maybe next door to each other. lol. anyways – head up princess, or the crown falls xoxo – Zobird


  3. Hey there! I just found your blog, so at first I wanna say that I am Tara from blog Flower in rainy day! Nice to meet you!!! 🙂 ❤
    Also I wanna say something about this post. You know, I was trough that feelings that I am not enough, just that my story is a lot of different than yours. I happen to be a little dyslexic(what means that I can write and read normally, but I have trouble whit orentation, I forget things hurry and I always find logical things very abstract…). As a kid I was bullied and in first years of school I was told that I was dumb, so on… But than I found things that I was good at. I am never gonna be good at maths, but I found myself in sports, writing and singing.
    Then I started to realize that it doesn't matter what people may say, because the only one you need to be good enough for is you. You have a blog and you seem to be very good blogger, so you see, you are enough. Even more, you should be prod on yourself because there is not a lot of people who are so brave to share their darkest parts whit the world. But because they are your family, try to talk to them. I know that it's very hard, but it might settle down some things.
    Hope I helped you 🙂
    Whit love, Tara ❤

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