Inspirational dentists

Hey guys! What’s up?

The other day I was in the dentist and when they leaned me back I saw this thing on the ceiling.

I started to read it and it was a list of “Life’s Little Rules.”

I know, it sounds super odd, but I thought it was just REALLY cute!

I continued to read it, and I read like rule 8 or something? 

“Plant a tree on your birthday”

I’m going to do it, I’m literally asking for a tree on my birthday and I want to go plant it somewhere in my town. 

There where other things on the list, like:

  • compliment 3 people everyday 
  • tell your family you love them
  • send everyone you know Valentine’s Day cards

and a bunch more and I thought it was just really eye opening.

wow, dentists can be so inspirational.

I’m starting school tomorrow and I want to cry so please wish me luck.

someone, somewhere, online. 


23 thoughts on “Inspirational dentists

  1. I actually recently found out a local businesses directory which shows top rated local businesses including top dentists in your city, it’s named Pajix , this is their website , I found my dentist on there, you can read other customers reviews, check location and dentists prices and then book your appointments online! It’s really convenient

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