I just need to let it all out

Hey everybody! What’s up?

this post really isn’t the happiest but I really need to tell someone and I feel like you guys are the people to tell.

I really don’t know how to start this off, but lately, something just doesn’t seem right in my life…

I really just need to blurt this out so here it goes:

my grandfather has been in and out of doctor appointments and he keeps falling around the house a lot and sometimes he falls asleep and he won’t respond, and most of this is because we found out he has Parkinson’s disease only last month, and he has just gone downhill so fast. 

every year at this time we go camping, to a hot rod show in the next state over. my family; Papa and Grandma, my uncles and aunts, and my family, my Papa and my dad always drive their hot rods up and go to the hot rod show and walk around and stuff, but since my grandfather hasn’t been doing well, he can’t drive anymore. 

It makes me feel so sad knowing that he can’t do what he loves to do the most, and it just breaks my heart when I walk into the room he is sitting in and I can’t even hear him talk at all, but you can just see his eyes light up whenever someone walks in the room. 

he got put in a wheel chair just today and you can tell how much he doesn’t like it, and it just kills me.

things at school don’t make life at home much easier. today I was trying to walk to my race and I had to walk by all the “popular boys” this one kid came up to me asking if I wanted to race and he kept saying how much he would beat me and I just kept saying no thank you. and then he kept telling me how I had no friends and he got his other friends to do it and I just. sometimes I don’t want to be a person. 

sorry for such a long post that most of you probably didnt read, thank you though.

someone, somewhere, online. 


21 thoughts on “I just need to let it all out

  1. I think it’s absolutely pathetic that someone thinks its real great and funny to tell you you have no friends. You obviously do seeing as how you talk about them! As hard as it can be, just do your best to ignore jerks like them.They aren’t worth it.

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  2. Just ignore, I know how it feels.
    I hope you grandpa gets well soon! I know how it is having a loved one who is hurting. ❤
    We are always here. ❤

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  3. Don’t worry. You have me as your friend and practically whoever comments in here giving you advice is a friend of yours. Don’t give them any attention and they won’t bother you and I can’t believe they are boasting their skills in front of you😡😡😡. Sometimes girls can be better than boys. We all have our strengths and weaknesses so we should just respect one another and try to bring each other up. My only question is that why are there so much horrible people in this world???😭😭

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  4. Hey I hope those mean guys will give up tring to hurt you! there re everywhere this Kind of the! And I’m so sorry cause of your granddad it sounds like a really sad Thing! I bet it is! I wish I would know hwo I could help 🙂 <33love ya sryv for being away that long

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  5. I hope for all the best with your grandfather, and for the boys, I’m sure that if their acting in this way there must be something bad going on in their lives that has lead them to act out like that, but the main thing is that you don’t let the domino effect affect your life because I know that you are definitely the stronger, amazing-er person 🙂

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