hey guys! what’s up? 

thank you all so much for your lovely jubbly comments on my last post! the boys haven’t really bothered me and my granddad has gotten much better πŸ™‚

today was my birthday! it’s actually one of my least favorite days of the year because I never really enjoyed attention? I rather be in the back of the room thank you very much!!!

I need to tell you guys about my horrible day yesterday.. it was super bad but funny to tell.

So first, we had this huge test straight in the morning and I only got to question 15 of like 50. so that started my day off bad.

then we were at lunch and Kobe is swinging around his fruit roll up, AND IT HITS ME IN THE EYE. I COULDNT SEE FOR A SOLID 10 MINUTES OUT OF ONE OF MY EYEBALLS.

after that we go to social studies class. I go to throw away a gun rapper… AND I TRIP IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. but wait: no one even notices and I decide to go “WHAT A BAD DAY” in front of the entire class… then they all looked at me..


the entire class was working on this project thing. and mine refuses to open. what a bad day…

it was utterly horrible guys, my hair wasn’t even straightened….

that’s all! thank you all so much for the amazing birthday messages, it was great! 

someone, somewhere, online. 

p.s. we gained so many subscribers! I’m so proud of our family πŸ™‚


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