Tennis is horrible | Blogmas #2

Hey guys!  What’s up? 

i missed the first day of blogmas… i’m so disappointed in myself. BUT MY CHARGER HASNT COME IN YET UGHHHHHH.

I think my mom and i are going to order it today!! so hopefully it comes in soooooon!

As of now, i’m at the library, school today was just grand let me tell you! 

My best friend at the moment is very mad at me because he doesn’t like my current boyfriend….. also known as Bertha. i know most you may hate him, but he changed guys! But Kobe, the one who is mad at me, is taking it all out on me, and i honestly feel pressured to choose one or the other! 

Then today in math class, some kid was making fun of the way i laughed so i finished the rest of my homework sitting on the floor, i wish i was joking. it was so awkward. 

But after school Bertha, Serenity, and i walked to the library, it was very fun!!! Except i played tennis with Bertha, it’s this game where you put your hands together and hit the other persons hand until they pull away, or if you play it my way you just pull away for as long as you want hahaha, my hand is so red right now! 

I know Kobe is trying to look out for me and all, but Bertha isn’t bad anymore, he’s changed, i promise. i just wish Kobe wasn’t mad anymore, you know? it’s kind of rough losing one of your best friends. 

well that was blogmas day 2???? 1???? i don’t know. but it was blogmas hahaha 

i love you all so much! 

someone, somewhere, online.


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