Ice skating disaster | Blogmas #3

Hey guys! What’s up? 

A day late, I know i know….  i was out late ice skating that night, I AM ACTUALLY STILL PRETTY GOOD, IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF! 

To start off my day, i woke up and made myself an egg sandwich, which was just grand and i was so happy with myself it just made the rest of my day, I wish that i was joking people, but i’m the worst cook you’ll ever meet. 

My friend, his name shall be…. Zander, hahaha. Him and I worked at our craft fair, selling pies and breads that our grade made. I was very suprised but we made over 450 dollars selling food??? Then while we were cleaning up, we got to go to our teachers room, which was upstairs. 

Going up to the second floor all the stairwells were closed, so we had to take the elevator, which was very fun. Once we got up there, we could see all of the craft fair, it was so cool. It was hilarious though because when we walked in the room, Zander ripped something on the door and we spent like 20 minutes trying to fix it, i was laughing the entire time.

After that, Bertha showed up, i think he now deserves a better name, since he’s gotten better right? i mean it’s fair??? I think im now going to call him Lucas, i really like that name hahah.

We walked around for a bit, got called a couple names, like “cute” not bad names! and turns out Zander is our biggest fan ahahah.

Later that day, we went ice skating because our rink has this thing called the “Saturday Night Meltdown.” It’s this night time thing where you can skate for like $10 with all your friends and all. Serenity, Zander, Lucas, and a bunch of other friends and I went and I had a lot of fun. 

Lucas barely knew how to ice skate which made it 10x better because he was skating around with a walker yelling at the little kids about how good he was hahah. 

But some of my friends didn’t have fun? I tried talking to one of them about it, but they completely ignored me and i have no idea what to do! I will update you guys soon 🙂

We almost have 100 followers???!? Thank you all so much! 

someone, somewhere, online.


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