Mrs. D | Blogmas #5

Hey guys! What’s up? 

I didn’t do anything yesterday really, so i’m just going to skip over it, if that’s okay with you guys? I will be more on track, and that’s the last time i’m saying this! But blogmas day 5, let’s go!

Things still aren’t looking very good with Kobe and I. He hasn’t really talked to me since, and our lockers are right next to eachother! He told my friend that he thought Serenity and I were mad at him because he hated Lucas. I’m not at all mad at him, i need him as my best friend, he means the world to me…. Kobe if you see this, please come back! 

On the other hand, we got new classes today! I’m not really fond of it though, i liked my old classes better, but i’m stuck with these ones for the rest of the trimester..

We have this thing called “Unified Arts” in my school, and during then we go to classes like Art, Rock Band, Health, etc. But as of now, i’m in a class called “Computers.” Everyone absolutely hates our computer teacher, who i will call Mrs. D. Shes treats us all like we are six years old, she’s so rude as well. 

Serenity laughed at a joke some other girl made, and Mrs. D goes and says “seriously? you thought that was funny?” BUT SERENITY JUST RESPONDED WITH “Yeah. That’s why i laughed.” and i honestly died on the inside. Oh my gosh, and today, Mrs D said “I know you all hate me because i’m that teacher that makes you type…” but only head i was like “that’s not the reason we hate you.” these next five weeks are going to be horrible! 

Christmas is like 20 days away, and i don’t know what i’m supposed to get Lucas. All he likes is football, but he has like six footballs! Ughhhh. Please send help.

someone, somewhere, online.


2 thoughts on “Mrs. D | Blogmas #5

  1. I would get him a bag of candy and a gift card to some sporty store. He will probably appreciate anything you get him, even if it’s just a card to show you care about him. You could also get him some kind of gift that might allude to an inside joke you have with him or to remind him of some really fun moment you had together.


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