Bullying | Blogmas #21

Hey guys! What’s up?

I’ve finally figured out why I was crying so often, my period started! JUST WHAT I NEED. I currently am crying because the “p” button wouldn’t work on my laptop while I was trying to do my typing homework for stupid Mrs. D’s class… Lucas knew about my period so he surprised me and bought me chocolate today, it was the cutest thing, I couldn’t.

Okay! So i promised you all I would tell you about what happened this one time at school, which is highly embarrassing and just horrible to relive, but maybe you guys could help??

One day while we were in math class, we had a substitute teacher, and Lucas is part of what I would call the “football jocks” and yeah, people like that because most all of them play football. But Lucas isn’t in my math class [I help him with math, he helps me with science, it’s fair hahaha] and a lot of his friends are… So during this day in class, they were making fun of me for dating Lucas, making a bunch of sex jokes and stuff like that. I have this temper, that makes it kind of hard to hold back when I get mad, so I yelled at them in the classroom, and just told them to grow up and act mature, which they turned sexual as well.

Then it was the end of class, and everyone went out into the the hallway so we could grab our lunches and head to lunch, and as soon as I walked into the hallway, I heard them talking about me, again. At this time Lucas was walking out of his class and saw me attack one of the guys. I was so mad then, it wasn’t even funny, but I don’t know if I was sad, or mad??? So I started punching one of these guys, and then one of my friends just pulled me away. [I’m a genuine nice person, I swear, I just couldn’t deal with it]

As soon as my friend pulled me away Lucas was at his locker, which was three away from mine, and I just yelled at all the boys to act their age and not five years old, so I threw all of my stuff onto the ground in the hallway, and I ran into the math room. Then one of my teachers, Mr. M, followed me in and he was making sure I was okay, and I was basically crying now, it was so awkward.

After a few minutes of talking to Mr. M, I left the room, still crying, and there was just a mob of people, waiting to make sure I was okay. Part of the mob, was Lucas, making sure I was okay, but I got mad at him as well and told him I didn’t need him, which was an absolute lie, I love him. Then I grabbed all my stuff and went to lunch.

While in the lunchroom, I couldn’t eat because I just felt like everyone was staring at me [they weren’t] so Mr. M said I could pick a few friends and eat lunch in his room, so I chose Kobe, and some other friends. As we walked out the cafeteria doors, I heard one of the guys saying they were going to apologize to me, so I turned around and said, “I don’t need, nor want your apology. Thanks for everything.” AND I WAS SO PROUD OF MYSELF.

That’s really it though, extremely awkward to relive and still to this day I get people asking me, “Why did you flip out that day?” and people asking, “Why were you screaming?” but oh well, life moves on. Moral of this story: people absolute suck, especially if they’re immature boys with no life [you guys don’t suck though, I love you all]

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4 thoughts on “Bullying | Blogmas #21

  1. I just discovered your blog, and I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading it! I just went through some other posts, and probably spent way too much time doing so… lol! I just wanted to say I really like your blog!
    Oh and also good job standing up to those boys. I always wanted to just scream at boys sometimes. I may be too nervous to do so, but as long as you are okay, you put those boys in their place! Hope they are nicer to you.


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