I want subway

Hey guys! What’s up? 

2017 is just not my year guys. I mean, i’m doing good and school and all, and all my friends and i are getting along which is super nice! But things with Lucas just seem to get worse… 

The other day i logged into Lucas’ instagram account to find out he was talking sexually with another girl, who used to go our school. i had no idea what to do with myself, i brought it up to him and he kept apologizing, he still is, but i don’t know. i can’t forget, he told this girl my darkest secret, that i trusted him with, but he told her like it was, i don’t know, a subway order..?  

I forgive him, he said he wasn’t “in the right state of mind” but i don’t know, it’s just hard to forget, you know? then earlier today, a bunch of people were making fun of me in gym class because nobody would throw me the ball, and when they did the person who threw it to me threw it to high and this kid just yelled and said “this is why we don’t throw to her.” so i just sat down on the ground and waited for gym to be over. 

After that i was at my locker and a bunch of my friends books fell on top of my head because her locker is such a mess. it was just a bad day and my mum wouldn’t bring me mcdonalds or take me out of school, and now i just want to go to sleep. 

sorry for such a whiny post, i guess i just needed to get it off my chest. love all you guys, AND THANKS SO MUCH FOR OVER 100 FOLLOWERS!! 

someone, somewhere, online. xx


9 thoughts on “I want subway

  1. listen, i’m so sorry that this is happening to you, but i have an advise that might just help you… FIGHT BACK!! i don’t mean that you should be rude or anything but don’t just leave them bully you. kill them with kindness make them feel ashamed of what they do get stronger don’t let anything make you weak and whatever happens raise your head high!!
    much love, girly blogger. ❤ ❤

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