I almost fell off a roof

Hey guys! what’s up? 

Right now i’m laying down in my bed, currently sick which is no fun whatsoever. i had a someone good weekend so i decided to tell you guys about it because it was actually a rollercoaster of emotions! 

On Friday night my friends and i usually go ice skating, which is a ton of fun. so i went and i was holding hands with Lucas and ice skating, even though he’s kind of bad (shhhh, don’t tell him i said that) but then we kind of went our own ways. after that i couldn’t find any of my friends so i just sat down on the bleachers. i felt really unwanted though, like nobody wanted to hang out with me but then Lucas came over and asked what was wrong and i simply told him i just wanted to go home and he said “why don’t you just go then?” he didnt mean it like the way it came out so i kind of just sat on the bleachers the rest of the time and i was trying so hard not to cry, haha funnnnn. he apologized after and said he should’ve been more affectionate. (i know i complain about him a ton, but he’s also one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet) 

I slept over my friends house that night and the next day we went onto her roof, her, i and our other friend. and we had to climb up this certain part, aND I ALMOST FELL OFF THE ROOF GUYS. I ALMOST DIED. it was the most terrifying experience of my life. we also went shopping and i found a bathing suit top that i liked, but i didn’t buy anything because i forgot my money! haha, classy me. 

Then today is Sunday! and i’m sick. i’m laying in my bed sick, and Lucas keeps telling me to get rest, at least two hours, and then i’m allowed to text him again, but i can’t sleep, so here i am! great weekend, right? oh well hahah

someone, somewhere, online.


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