Such a lovely day | Diary 2.0

Hey guys! What’s up?

Happy Easter! For those of you who celebrate it. Easter is actually my favorite holiday. It’s always so nice and warm, there’s candy and pretty flowers and all this lovely stuff. Kids in my school are posting that they’re getting money and clothes, like seriously? I’d hate if I ever got all that stuff, it basically ruins the meaning of Easter for me.

Things with school and everything is looking up! I’m officially looking forward to summer vacation (we get two months off from school) and we even have an “April Vacation” next month, which is great. School has been going really well, I think I’m doing really good on my testing, which we have to do this week, and I’ve finished any big projects that I had to finish. Plus, Lucas, (WHO IS NOW GOING BACK TO BERTHA BECAUSE HE’S MEAN), has been leaving me alone and hasn’t spread anymore rumors, although he did tell one of my friends he “fingered” me. Like honestly, by now I hope you guys know that I am not that kind of person, ew.

I actually think I developed feelings for somebody else, who we can call Joel, my favorite boy name. He’s really cute and he’s in a few of my classes. He has blonde hair and he’s actually really funny and sweet. I’m happy I finally moved on though! Well, I’m trying to 🙂

It’s really warm out outside right now and I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt and typing this and listening to music and eating candy and guys!! I’m just in such a lovely mood.

I’m really nervous due to the fact that I’m going to what we call “highschool” next year, it’s terrifying. I think I’m ready to do it and face my fears and nail it. Let’s go!

How have you guys been though? Anything special or any special milestones? I still can’t believe I have over 100 followers, who would’ve thought that i had so many internet friends! Until next time,

someone, somewhere, online.


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