I have hope for you

Hey guys! What’s up?

I’m sitting in school but I finished my project and my teacher said I had some extra time so I decided to write to you guys.

I’m utterly confused with boys, like completely. They are so stupid and I just want to find a boy who treats me right and makes me feel loved, someone who will hold my hand and kill spiders for me and get pizza with me.

There are so many pretty girls in my grade, I wish I was joking. They are all so pretty but not so nice. Kind of like fruit sometimes? They look tasty but tend to be a little too sour and gross and ew ew ew. They act all nice until you turn your back and they continually talk about you which sucks.

Or you think they’re your friend until somebody else shows up and they ditch you completely, which ruins any trust you’ve ever had. I’m not going to lie, I don’t trust people as easily, but I do have hope in them. I have hope in everything.

I’m not going to lie, I have hope in everything….. but myself. Next year I head off to high school which means that the next four years of my life will decide my future for me, and I’m terrified, completely. What if I fail? What if I lose all my friends?

I do, however, have hope in everything else. I have hope in future love, and for my bestfriends. I have hope for other people and for inanimate objects as well, which sounds stupid, but it’s true.

I’m sorry that this post was something really stupid and useless, but I hope I gave you a little smile, teehee.

someone, somewhere, online.


13 thoughts on “I have hope for you

  1. Loved the way you penned down your emotions, based on my personal experience all I can say is never be afraid of failure, sometimes we embrace glory which we deserve but it doesn’t imbues us with wisdom, but our failure leaves us with a bit of wisdom So never get bogged down by failure, instead seek wisdom from it to mould yourself into a stronger individual with each step you take in the journey of life. Thanks for being honest about your feelings and sharing them so splendidly. According to your convenience please do read some of my writings as well would love to know what you think about them ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. Going to new school with new people mixed in is a great way to put your life into perspective, but high school is the most important time to do it. There are SO many people and activities that you can join that you are bound to find people that see you for who you are, and are interested in the same things. Good luck! -GRACEFUL

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  3. Don’t say this post was useless or stupid! I think you said some really deep but awesome stuff and I believe having hope in evrything is a good Thing (although I guess you also should have hope in yourself cause I have hope in you). And I completely get what you meant with the fruit and Girls (kinda funny:P). And oh well Boys are always hard to understand ( I’m like : Can’t you just tell me what you really think or feel?!). Love u โค

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