Messed up hot chocolate

Hey guys! What’s up?

Today is the last day of my week vacation from school, and it was honestly the best vacation of my life, I swear to god.

So in the beginning of the week (Saturday-Sunday) I had a sleepover with Kobe and Serenity. We went to an arcade and had so much fun pointing out cute boys, (Kobe’s gay everybody!) and playing old games and gambling on our favorite machine. Then we had a sleepover at Kobe’s house and we stayed up until about four in the morning watching “Bad Grampa” and “Moana” and I had so much fun. That was the night I started to talking to this boy (WE ARE CALLING THIS BOY JOEL OKAY JUST WAIT GUYS)

So,  Joel goes to a different school than I do, but we do the same sports and all. He has blonde hair and green eyes. He dresses very nicely and is super sweet. We were meant to be, but the problem was, he had a girlfriend. Although Joel had a girlfriend he kept talking to me, not flirting but a simple conversation like what’s your favorite color and so on. And when I say “we kept talking” i mean WE KEPT TALKING LIKE EVERYDAY.

Skip forward a couple days and my friend who we will call Auden, she’s one of my bestfriends, she super kind and funny and we get along really well. Okay, Auden and I were having a sleepover and he started talking to me again, and he told me he broke up with his girlfriend because she made a fake snapchat account to try and convince him to do “things.” Then that night, the way we started talking turned more into flirting and he told me he really liked me, a lot.

Now fast forward until today, and we still talk, everyday, all day to be exact, and never once have I gotten bored talking to him. He still tells me how much he likes me and everything he likes about me, and he told me he wants to ask me out in person, which we have a track meet coming up, so i’m excited guys!!

Okay now back to Auden. We went shopping and had so much fun! I had my first starbucks drink, but I absolutely hated it! AND IT WAS A HOT CHOCOLATE. HOW DO THEY MESS UP A HOT CHOCOLATE. I did get a super cute bikini top, sunglasses, a new phone case, and a mud mask thing, which I love. I had so much fun with Auden and I love her so much.

Then on Friday I went to the ocean with my sisters, Kobe, Isaac (I mentioned him in the post Meaning of love.) We also met up with my older sister and her daughters and I had so much fun. I got a super cute hat as well and we walked along the pier and got pizza and everything.

And just the other day my mom and two of my sisters went to visit a whole bunch of antique shops and then we got Jordan’s Ice Cream. Today I deeply cleaned my entire room and sheets and I’m so ready to take on school tomorrow guys! I just, I’m so happy and I wanted to spread it with you guys, how have you all been? Let me know!

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