Hey guys! What’s up?

Everything is so confusing these days guys. I think I’ m going to make a change to my blog. I swear to never give names to people unless they are going to be a part of my life, for a long time. Knowing this, Joel was not at all who he said he was.

We dated for a few days and then he broke up with me! Big surprise. Tons of people told me he was a f-boy and everything, so in the long run, I wasn’t really hurt by any of it, I basically expected it haha. Then a few hours later he tried to apologize to me and tell me he was sorry and that he wanted me back, but I said no.

MORAL OF STORY: Boys are stupid!

Okay, another crazy thing happened. Lucas texted me again, he told me he was sorry for everything and he wanted me back. I still like him guys, I never stopped liking him and I feel like everything I do is to get his attention, including dating Joel. So now I’m torn. Do I take him back guys? Or will everybody hate me. I’m so confused.

I honestly cannot wait for the end of school to come around. I can’t wait to just go to the beach everyday and eat as much food as I wish. AND NOT WORRY ABOUT SCHOOL. Besides for high school, I’m terrified. I won’t survive, I’ll get stepped on!

I just need your guys’ advice though. Do I take back Lucas? Even though he said hurtful things to me, I did things to him as well, and I honestly don’t know anymore, someone save me!

someone, somewhere, online.


9 thoughts on “S.O.S.

  1. Well, I think the things to do is to look into what he said. Now, I’m not suggesting that you over analyze EVERYTHING that he says, but see if you’ve heard the same apology before or check for any holes. That’ll prove if he’s telling the truth. And if your torn, listen to Selena Gomez: the heart wants what it wants. Hope that this helped (even though it probably didn’t) -GRACEFUL

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  2. Oh my god Girl I really want to help you somehow!! So you don’t have any fellings for Joel? But for Lucas? Sorry I don’t got everything til now 🙂
    If it is so I would say why shouldn’t you try again? If you want to only ofcourse! ❤
    Sry for this lame advice

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  3. I think if you still like him then you should give him another chance but don’t do it if you are having massive doubts about it coz that is the worst way to start a relationship. Hope this helped ❤️

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