God Bless

Hey guys! What’s up?

This is the last thing I’m going to say about boys for now; I’m single, and will continue to be single for this summer, no commitment? No worries!

I had the best week this week, and this upcoming week is going to be completely awesome as well. Okay, so this past week I went to Boston, Massachusetts (a big city in America) on Wednesday, which was amazing because I went with two of my best friends and we went shopping at Primark. Primark is a super cheap clothing store. It’s really cheap because most of the clothes deteriorate over time, but they’re super cute! I got three shirts, a romper, and a pair of shoes for $33.00. Which is super good.

That day I also got pizza, cookies, and Dunkins which was just amazing. AN ANT JUST CRAWLED ON ME AND I GOT SO SCARED BAHAHA.

Just yesterday my dad took my sisters and I four-wheeling, and I crashed. Well, not really crashed, but my four-wheeler tipped. I stuck the landing though guys, I jumped off as it was tipping and then it landed completely upside down, and I’m so impressed with myself and my dad was too so he laughed and took pictures of my upside down four-wheeler and then fixed it hahah.

Now this upcoming week is the week of school, God Bless! At my school we have the talent show, and me and a few of my friends are hosting it, so I’m on stage the entire time! ahhhh im scared. Then I’m graduating from middle school, about time.

Right now I’m eating my sixth slice of pizza and listening to “A Drop in the Ocean.” Which is actually a really good song!!

Okay that’s all I have for now, but I’ll keep you guys updated on the talent show and such 🙂

someone, somewhere, online.


2 thoughts on “God Bless

  1. Cant wait to hear about the talent show,! I understand why u r scared, but just remember youre going to be there with, your friends so it will be auite funny;)
    I looove a drop in the ocean! Do youNot also know the cover shawb mendes made?love u💟

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