Phone hot potato

Hey guys! What’s up?

It’s official. I am the third most clumiest person on this very planet. (I’m not quite sure about Mars…)

  1. He is supposedly the man who was filming Usain Bolt and ran into him with the seg-way, haha.
  2. Is Kobe. Kobe is the kind of person who will fall down stairs, fart; and then trip and claim that his “fart wind blew him over”, and break or drop anything he touches.
  3. Then it’s me.

Today I was checking myself out in the mirror, like any average teenage girl would, right? Well, to see my ENTIRE body in this mirror I have to stand on about three stairs, and you know, I fell. I FELL DOWN THREE STAIRS GUYS. I probably looked like a tumble weed that just like did a somersault.

Then the other day Kobe and I and my little sister were playing outside in the rain, as, again, any typical teenager would do. And I literally played hot potato with my phone and ended up dropping it and cracking it.

Don’t forget every time that I stood up in the hallway in front of my ex boyfriend, and tripped, which, mind you, has happened a lot more than five times.

I’m actually a walking time bomb, and when the bomb explodes, I embarrass myself or break something. OKAY SPEAKING OF WHICH I WAS JUST EATING RASPBERRIES AND THEY ARE NOW ALL OVER THE GROUND AND IM SO DEVASTATED!!

I also figured something else out the other day; I’m addicted to gambling???? Me, Kobe, and Serenity went to an arcade just the other day, and we started off with bowling, I DID GET ONE STRIKE AND I WAS SO HAPPY AND PROUD EVEN THOUGH I CAME IN LAST.

Then we went to play some games and I spent almost every single token I had at this game where you put the token in and you have to completely cover the “Jackpot” square with your token in order to win, and I won, but then I kept trying to win again, I was a mess bahaha.

Anywho, are you guys clumsy as well? Tell me your most embarassing story! I’d love to read them 🙂

someone, somewhere, online.


6 thoughts on “Phone hot potato

  1. Trust me I am more clumsy than you. I broke a mug because my hand had lotion so when I held it, it slipped.
    Then I was labeling some stuff at my room using a permanent marker then i lost my grip on the marker then it fell to my pants and my pants now has a line made from the marker and this pants is color light blue so now everyone can see it. And also in my entire family i am rated the most clumsiest person and i think i will never get rid of my clumsiness.

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