about me!

hello there! I plan on keeping this blog anonymous, so I guess you can call me Someone. I’ve never been much of a writer, especially in school or anything, I am probably one of the least creative people you will meet, but life involves a lot, so I decided to create a blog.

On this blog, I plan to write about my daily life, what happens, what I go through, the drama that occurs, all that stuff, for me to remember and for your own enjoyment!

It means a whole lot to me when you guys comment, and trust me, I am sure to respond! I love interacting with you guys and being able to call you all my friends 🙂

My blog is inspired by Zoe Sugg. I read Girl Online and fell immediately in love with the fact of having my own little corner on the internet to type my thoughts and feelings, no matter if someone is reading this or not! Penny and I have very similar lives but in different ways, which I hope to express to you all throughout my blog! So please stay with me on this bumpy journey throughout my life, and…. smile!

my instagram: @someoneonline09

my twitter: @someoneonline09