Bullying | Blogmas #21

Hey guys! What's up? I've finally figured out why I was crying so often, my period started! JUST WHAT I NEED. I currently am crying because the "p" button wouldn't work on my laptop while I was trying to do my typing homework for stupid Mrs. D's class... Lucas knew about my period so he… Continue reading Bullying | Blogmas #21


That’s not my name | Blogmas #20 teehee

Hey guys! What's up? I know, I completely forgot about Blogmas, but I promise to blog for the last five days, it's just bee a really tough life for me lately, but I will keep you updated! My phone broke this morning, it is no longer usable, so lettuce (get it, the salad stuff, aha)… Continue reading That’s not my name | Blogmas #20 teehee